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Employee Retention: Your Competitive Advantage
Strategic Business Futurists who speak on workforce and workplace trends, The Herman Group focuses on issues related to Employee Retention and Future Trends. Founded in 1980, by Roger Herman, known as "The Father of Employee Retention," our firm serves corporate clients throughout the United States and the world. We partner with other speakers to provide the most complete source for information on employee retention programs and the challenges and opportunities that are just over the horizon for employers.

Unique Interview Service Gathers Potent Information
Take advantage of our InnerView Interviews for exit interviews, stay interviews, and candidate interviews. Focused behavioral interviews conducted by certified human resource professionals. Fast turnaround delivers information for decision makers concerned about maintaining a stable, productive workforce.

Retention Connection is your One-Stop Shop
Our section on employee retention powerful and effective articles and strategies employers can use to position themselves for a strong future. Having the right people on board---for a long time---will produce the stability and continuity to give your company a competitive advantage. Understanding the key to performance appraisal management is essential for long-term retention.

Strategic Business Futurists to Keep You Ahead of the Curve.
Joyce Gioia (joy-yah) works as Strategic Business Futurist concentrating on workforce and workplace trends. Our work as futurists is represented on the FutureSpeak section of this website. We forecast the future and advise clients regarding relevant trends and how those trends may affect their work and personal lives.

THG Consulting Partners Provide Valuable Advice for Business & Industry.
We serve a wide variety of employers with our consulting services. Our seasoned consultants advise corporate leaders regarding employee retention and organizational development to help them build workforce stability, productivity, and profit. We invite you to learn more about our consulting services provided by THG Consulting Partners.

Experienced Professional Speakers to Inform and Entertain Audiences.
For over two decades, we have provided professional speakers for corporate, government, and trade association clients. While the majority of our presentations are designed and delivered by Joyce Gioia, other professionals on our team are also involved in this aspect of our work. Our services include keynote addresses, general session presentations, break-out sessions, seminars and workshops, executive briefings, and leadership retreats.

Aspire to be Designated as an Employer of Choice®?
Attracting and holding top talent today involves positioning the organization effectively in the employment marketplace. If you are recognized as an Employer of Choice®, there is a greater chance that you will gain the attention and interest of the kinds of fine people you want to work with your organization. We invite you to learn more about our Employer of Choice® book, seminars, and recognition program.

About The Herman Group
In practice since 1980, The Herman Group of Companies provides a variety of services to corporations and their leaders, trade associations, and government agencies. Concentrating on the human side of enterprise, we provide information, advice, and counsel through consulting, professional speaking, writing, and a number of educational products.

Over the years, we have served a wide variety of clients throughout the United States and in other countries. Our global affiliates assist us in sharing our expertise and advice with clients internationally. Our corporate office management and support staff in Greensboro, North Carolina, is supplemented by university interns in our ongoing effort to help young people learn and grow.

Joyce travels extensively to meet the needs of our clients. She, and her colleagues can always be reached through the support team in our office at (336) 210-3548.

Should you have any questions after touring our website, please call or e-mail us at

Get started now on improving the stability and performance of your workforce and increase your chances for success in the future.

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