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January 19, 2022

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and How to Attain It

For this Herman Trend Alert, I will do my best to literally decode biogenetic-speak and give us all an opportunity wrap our minds around this complex topic. To begin my exploration, I started with the Sinclair Lab of the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School. Please bear with me as I endeavor to make this advancing science available to us ordinary humans.

Why We Age
According to research conducted by the Sinclair Lab, it is the "epigenetic noise" that causes us to age. According to the United States Center for Disease Control, "Epigenetics is the study of how our behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work." So, when we damage those genes, either through eating the wrong things or excessive physical activity or accident, the effect is an aging of the cells, which shows up as wrinkles, aches and pains, and disease. The Lab uses the analogy of a CD or DVD that gets scratched. The researchers are looking for the polish---and having some success.

The Big Picture of What They Know So Far
There is a substance that's found in the mitochondria of every single living cell called NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) where it serves as a factor in fundamental biological processes. (You may remember that the mitochondria are the power plants within the cells that produces energy.) When we eat the "right" food, get the "right" exercise, and take NAD Boosters, that NAD+ keeps all our organs running properly and improves health. The Sinclair Lab is looking for those NAD+ Boosters. Moreover, the researchers determined that these NAD+ levels dictate cell survival, and they have formulated an exciting hypothesis that leakage of NAD+ from the mitochondria is a cause of aging and memory loss. Your next question to me, of course, will be, "What are these NAD Boosters?" Sadly, the Sinclair Lab does not detail these supplements; they are working with substances like something called SRT1720---obviously not over the counter. However, you can find supplements online that purport to be NAD Boosters. Stay tuned. I will be following their developments with interest in the months and years to come.

Big Money Being Invested in Anti-Aging
Billionaire Brian Armstrong, the founder of Coinbase, one of the most successful cryptocurrency platforms, has invested $105 million in funding NewLimit, an aging reversal antiaging company. To rapidly create treatments aimed at reversing the damage of aging, the company is pursuing epigenetic modification. At the same time, billionaire Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the very successful coin Ethereum has given millions to fund the SENS foundation. SENS is one of the leading organizations advancing the aging reversal approach antiaging. The vision of the SENS Research Foundation is a future free of age-related disease.

Advice from Sinclair for Those of Us Who Want to Live Long (and Prosper)
Though I did not find it on the Harvard website, I found some recommendations by Sinclair who is really aged 52 and looks 30. Here are three suggestions you can establish as part of your own daily routine.

Exercise is Important, But Don't Overdo It. Sinclair believes strongly in exercise, and he says that healthy exercise is on a bell curve. Each of us has an optimum for wellbeing. Doing too much can backfire for longevity. Engaging in high intensity exercise day after day can cause a rise in the stress hormone cortisol; we know that elevated cortisol levels are *associated with accelerated aging.) Of course, the type of exercise matters: Studies show that high intensity exercise like CrossFit or running causes a temporary rise in cortisol levels. Sinclair recommends high intensity exercise every other day to let the body rest. (I personally do high intensity exercise for three days, then take a "rest day" and do a stretch or yoga class.)

Cold Therapy. Although the research is relatively new, studies have associated "cold therapy," or cryotherapy, with a balanced inflammatory response, improved sleep, muscle and joint health, and mood support. You can go for expensive cryotherapy treatments, or you can simply stand under a cold shower (as cold as you can stand it) once/week. After you have endured this bone-chilling cold for a few minutes, turn the faucet to high heat and let the shower steam up. Be careful not to burn yourself with scalding water!

Maintain Mental Health. Many people underestimate the effect of mental health on the body. We know there is a direct link between one's attitude and the immune system, so it should come a s no surprise that, according to Sinclair, “the brain controls your longevity." From his work with mice in his lab, he knows that the brain has a major role to play in solving the longevity puzzle. Mental health is a major factor in stress levels, and we all need to do whatever we can to keep those stress levels low. Sinclair also recommends meditating and seeking the counsel of a mental health professional. One small study of 46 participants found that when they engaged in nine weeks of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment, the subjects had reduced stress levels and increased telomerase activity (an enzyme that slows the shortening of telomeres, which effectively promotes longevity) in their blood samples.

Want to live longer?
Invest in yourself. Exercise right, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, keep a positive attitude, and try cold therapy. You’ll be glad you did!

* To read more about the negative effects of the stress hormone cortisol, visit here.

** To read more about the relationship between cryotherapy and inflammatory response, visit here.

*** To read more about the relationship between CBT and longevity, visit here.

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